Frequently Asked Questions

I've signed up, when will I begin to receive work?

If there's no work available right now, it's probably because we've met our quotas for the month. We will notify you next month once we're assigning tasks again.

How much can I make?

On average, you can earn about $5-$20 per month. The exact amount can vary based on the AMOUNT OF WORK we have available and THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE WHO ARE ACTIVELY WORKING.

We want to help you earn as much as you can, but please understand this is a supply & demand business: When there are fewer people signed up and more work available, you will get more tasks. When we have a surplus of people signed up and less work available, you will receive fewer tasks.

You can also earn money by becoming part of our review team. Visit your account page to accept Review Writing tasks.

How many accounts can I have?

You can only have one account.

How can I see how much I've earned?

You can see how much you've earned since the last pay period on your account dashboard page.

There's a link on the account page (click your name in the top navigation), or click this link to go there directly.

Why am I not receiving any more text alerts?

There are 2 reasons you may not be receiving your text alert. First, if you did not complete the task assigned through your last alert, you will not receive another. Simply sign in to your account, complete the task that is waiting and your alerts will start up again. Second, towards the end of the month, we may not have any more tasks that need to be completed. Alerts will start up again once the new month begins

When I sign in all I see is my account info. How do I get to my task?

If when you sign in to your account you see your account info as opposed to a task, simply click where it says PartTimeClicks in the top left corner. Or click this link to go there directly.

I referred a lot of people. Why are they not listed?

Your referral must complete at least 3 tasks before you can receive credit.

Can I work anytime from anywhere?

Yes, you work when it is convenient for you. You can work from home or your favorite coffee shop, or anywhere else that has Wifi/internet.

What is this work for?

It is marketing research for our clients.

What's the story with reviews?

Some businesses that have been victimized by false or ridiculous negative reviews posted by competitors will ask us for our help. So, we'll either ask you to copy/paste a review they provide us with or in most cases, you write your own review of the business after checking out their website. You can earn extra money (usually $5 per review) by writing reviews, but this is purely an optional task. Become eligible to write review tasks by toggling the switch to "green" on your account page. Or, if writing reviews isn't for you, simply toggle it "Off" to gray.

How often is payment made?

We make payments once per week, usually on Friday before 5pm EST.

Can my spouse/family member sign up as well?

Yes, but they must be at a different location. We only allow 1 signup per household.

I want to start/stop getting text alerts. Where can I do that?

You can change your alert preferences on your account page at any time.